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How to Get the Most Out Of Your Chicago Dining Room

Oct 19, 2021 | Industry News

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Gathering together with family and friends for a meal is a terrific way to spend quality time with our loved ones. So, why is the dining room the most commonly underused space in most homes? Commonly, the dining room table ends up functioning as storage for, well just about everything — from laundry and mail to backpacks and keys. Here are some ideas for getting the most out of your Chicago dining room and using it how it was intended:


The Decor

While dining rooms are traditionally formal, they don’t need to be. Sometimes it’s the everything-in-its-place formality that keeps people from using it. Get creative and design a space that you can truly entertain in. If the table and chairs are the focal point of the room, be sure to choose something that you find welcoming and comfortable. All of the furniture doesn’t necessarily need to match, so find a unique table and then add mismatched chairs to it, if you’d like. You can use benches for some of the seating and chairs for the rest if that sounds appealing. This is your home (and your dining room), so you make the decorating rules. 


Have Ample Shelving

Most often, a traditional dining room will have a buffet or some kind of hutch to store your good china and silverware, serving trays, platters, tablecloths, and cloth napkins. They don’t need to be hidden, though — why not add some shelving and put them on display? The shelving could also be home to your cookbooks or a place for photographs. You’d be freeing up space in other rooms while also making your dining room more visually interesting.


Change the Fixtures

Your lighting (in any room) sets its tone and ambience. If you’re going for comfortable and relaxed in the evenings, the lighting should be bright enough to see, but also warm and sufficiently dimmed. If you love your current fixture but want to lessen the brightness, you can switch the bulbs to a lower wattage or add a dimmer switch. If you have recessed lighting and want something a bit more dramatic, find something that fits your taste and adds additional character to the room. Chandeliers and pendant lights are terrific choices for your dining room. Make sure you take the scale of the room (including the table) when selecting a new fixture.


Think About the Comfort Level

The primary goal when designing a room for entertaining is to make it warm, comfortable, and inviting. There are many ways to accomplish this — you could add some textiles like area rugs or baskets; you could add woven shades for your window treatments — the list goes on. If you want to raise the comfort level, consider adding some cushions to your chairs or benches. Bring an organic element to the room with plants and fresh flowers or fill vases with sea glass or river rock. Try not to let it get cluttered — select items you love and edit as you go.


Creating a dining room that you actually enjoy will make you want to use it more often.  

If you have any questions about any of these ideas, or if there’s another matter I can be of assistance with, please reach out. I’m always happy to help.

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