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How to Decide Between Two Great Des Moines Homes

Mar 23, 2022 | Industry News

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Deciding on a home to buy in Des Moines can be hard to do, as there are so many great homes to choose from. But what if you’ve found two homes that you love, and can’t decide between them? As you are probably aware, there’s a great deal of competition among buyers these days, so you’ll need to make a decision fairly fast. Here are a few ideas to help you make the right decision:


Your Must-Haves

What do you absolutely require from your new home?  Do you need a large kitchen, storage space or an open floor plan?  Do you need a sizable yard and a garage?  Once you determine what you need, making a decision should be a bit easier. Think about your day-to-day lifestyle and how each house would accommodate it. If you are someone who takes work home with you, or works remotely, will there be a quiet space for a home-office?  If you love to entertain, will the floor plan flow well enough so you can interact with your guests while preparing a meal?  These are some considerations to make sure you make the best decision.



If you set aside everything else, and look at both homes as investments, which would be the wiser choice should you decide to sell in the future?  Does one house require more work and upkeep than the other? Are there additional fees for one, like a Homeowners Association, and what is that going to cost? Will you need to do any renovation work on one of them, and what are the estimated costs for that? When you build your list of pros and cons, your choice may begin to be clearer.


Which Home Fits Better with Your Budget?

When you factor purchase price, closing costs, HOA fees, taxes and insurance for both homes, you may find that one home will impact your wallet more than the other. Once all of the monthly costs are added up and compared with your budget, you’ll better understand whether or not both homes are equally affordable. If one is out of budget, then your choice will be easier.



Location is important when determining the value of a home, but it’s also important in the context of your lifestyle. Compare the commute and traffic to and from work. Compare the upkeep of the neighboring houses. Do you have amenities nearby that will improve your quality of life? Can you walk to a restaurant, grocery store, or cafe?  How are the schools in the area?  Location can be big factor in your final decision. The homes can be upgraded to suit your needs, but the neighborhood will be a little harder to upgrade.


Des Moines has countless attractive homes to choose from, and choosing the one that suits you and your lifestyle best is key. 

If you’d like a recommendation for an experienced, local Realtor, or if we can help you get preapproved for a mortgage, please reach out.

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