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How to Add More Jewel Tones to Your St. Louis Home

Jan 18, 2021 | Industry News

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The jewel tone trend continues in 2021, and for St. Louis homeowners who want to embrace these bold colors, there’s no better time than now! Those deep, gem-inspired colors are a stylish option to add interest to a room without going overboard. These colors can really make a statement. And while they can often give a mid-century modern flair, they don’t need to look dated. Here are a few tips to decorate with jewel tones in your own home:

Go For It

These are bold colors, and some homeowners are hesitant to make the leap. The best advice though, is to go for it. Don’t just bring in one deep teal cushion or one bold rug. If you’re going to use the colors, don’t hold back. Jewel tones work well together, and they can really change the entire feel of a space.

Embrace Texture

Jewel tones and texture are a fun way to experiment in your decor. Velvet is a favorite here. Whether you add a new chair to the mix or simply some new pillows, thinking about color and texture can instantly take the design element up a notch.

Mix and Match

Jewel tones can pair really well, and including several different colors can make a room really stand out. It’s smart to do some research and see which colors you like together first though, because certain pairings clash while others complement each other. Head online or check out some swatches to create a jewel-tone color palette for your space.

Color Your Walls

Though these colors can feel dark, they won’t necessarily make a room feel dark. If you have enough natural light and the right furniture, jewel tones can be beautiful paint options. Again, it’s a bold choice, but if you do your research and ensure the rest of your room will work with the color, it’s a simple way to really add that burst of color.

Under Your Feet

Rugs are another great way to incorporate these colors into your home design. They’re a bit less dramatic than changing your wall color and they give you the opportunity to combine color, texture, and pattern.


Do you like the jewel tone trend? Is it something you’ve incorporated in your home or plan to try this year? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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