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How to Achieve a Bright and Airy St. Louis Home

May 25, 2021 | Industry News

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For St. Louis homeowners who love the bright and airy home aesthetic seen in magazines and online photos, there are several simple strategies that can help you transform your space. With summer weather just around the corner, now is the perfect time to embrace this style. You can turn your home into the perfect retreat from the summer heat. Here are just a few simple tips to get started:

Rotate Your Decor

So many of us rotate our clothing from summer to winter, but what about our home decor? Winter weather may have us enjoying darker bolder shades for a cozy atmosphere, but when summer arrives, most of us are wanting a space that feels a bit lighter. Rotating your decor is a great way to transition a room from one season to another without needing to do a massive update. Simply swapping out your throw pillows, storing the extra blankets, and replacing a few pieces of artwork can instantly change the feel of a space.

Lighten Up

When you’re swapping out your decor, go for whites, creams, and cool grays to achieve that trendy oasis vibe. By simplifying and lightening your decor, you can quickly brighten a room. If this style is something you’d like to keep long term, you might even consider painting your walls a white or light neutral to add to the tranquil style. Rather than using decor or paint for color, opt for a variety of green plants. They’ll help create that airy feeling while also breaking up the neutrals.

Utilize Fragrance

Maybe you break out a pumpkin spice or vanilla candle every fall to kick off the season. While we might not think about candles and fragrance as much for the summer, the effect can be just as important. Rather than heavier candle fragrances, consider an oil diffuser that will allow you to spread fresh, light scents throughout your home. Citrus oils are a great option for this.

Consider Your Window Treatments

Blocking your windows won’t contribute to a bright and airy feeling, but letting all the sunlight in on a hot summer day isn’t going to make for a very appealing space either. For many homeowners, sheer curtains can create just the right balance. They’re also another way to incorporate more white into the space.


Finally, declutter as much as possible. It’s tough to make a space feel airy when it’s overflowing with things. Take this design inspiration as a motivation to also do a big clean-out, storing things you might use at a later date and donating those that you no longer need. The less clutter, the calmer and more open your space will feel.


What do you think? Does this aesthetic appeal to you? Is it something you’d like to incorporate in your own home? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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