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How St. Louis Homeowners Can Make Their Home Feel Like New

Mar 16, 2021 | Industry News

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If it’s been a long winter with much more time in your home than usual, it’s understandable that you may be feeling a little stir crazy — and a little sick of your home. If you’re not planning to move or undertake a major renovation, what can you do to give your home a refresh? Here are a few suggestions to make your home feel like new:

Do a Deep Clean

If you’re daydreaming about a new space but know that you won’t be moving anytime soon, it’s time to think about what it is about a new space that’s so appealing. For many homeowners, it’s that sense of a clean slate. From empty space and the ability to set things up exactly how you’d like to that new-house smell, there are many things homeowners can achieve without needing to move. A deep clean is the best place to start. Whether you budget for a cleaning company or carve out a couple of weekends to scour every nook and cranny, a major clean can help things feel refreshed. This is also a great opportunity to go through some of the belongings you may not need anymore. A move often gives us the push to sort through things as we pack them, but you don’t need to be packing to start lightening your load.

Find Inspiration

A new home also offers the possibility for a new style. It’s a blank canvas for you to design as you like. But there’s no reason you can’t give your current home a makeover. Whether you're working with a tiny budget or have enough to bring in some professional help, there are things any homeowner can do to change up their home. The best place to start? Seeking out inspiration. Head to Pinterest or some interior design sites and identify the styles that you like the most. Hone in on the specific things that define them - Is it the neutral paint? The bold colors? The placement of the furniture? This inspiration will help you pinpoint some changes you can make in your own home.

Give It a Fresh Coat of Paint

We often recommend painting for homeowners who want to refresh their homes. Not only does it allow you to change up the color, but it also makes things feel new and clean. If you decide to take this on yourself, ensure you set yourself up for success. Grab a dropcloth, use painters’ tape, find the right brushes, and do a few test swatches. Even if you stick with a similar color, a fresh coat of paint can still make a space feel like new.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Some homeowners are looking for a change, but have zero budget for home design at the moment. All that means is that it’s time to get creative. Rearranging your furniture is a great no-cost option to give your home a new look. Could you change the orientation of your living room? Move your bed to a different wall? Set your desk up facing a window? We often set our homes up one way and don’t give it a second thought, but there are usually many possibilities to explore. Just remember to enlist some help for those heavier items and put something under the legs of your furniture if you’ll be sliding it on a hardwood floor.


Are you craving a refresh in your home? Would you try any of these strategies? Do you have any other tips for making your home feel like new? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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