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How St. Louis Homeowners Can Keep it Local This Winter

Feb 2, 2021 | Industry News

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If you’re a St. Louis homeowner, you probably value the amazing city and community around you. While we’ve all been experiencing these things a bit differently over the last year, their importance hasn’t faded. So, while you might not be getting out into your community quite as much as usual, this doesn’t mean you can’t support your local businesses and the vibrancy that St. Louis has to offer. Here are a few ideas for homeowners to keep it local this winter:

Dine Out, At Home

Maybe your favorite restaurant is only doing curbside and very limited seating, and maybe you’re not feeling like dining out just yet anyway. This doesn’t mean you should give up on your local spot, though. Picking up a meal to enjoy at home is a great way to support these businesses and invest in their still being alive when things return to normal. Takeout doesn’t need to just mean a pizza for the family, either. If your favorite date-night spot is doing pickups, grabbing some delicious food and enjoying a date at home is a great way to support your local businesses.

Shop Local Online

Online shopping was already rapidly growing in popularity, and in the last year, it’s seen a major spike. Just because you want the convenience of shopping online, though, doesn't mean you need to hand your money over to the big-name retailers. Instead, many St. Louis shops are offering options to shop online and pick up your items curbside or even get them delivered. If there are shops you love to browse when looking for a birthday present or new sweater, don’t abandon them now. Break the habit of heading straight to Amazon, and support the shops you love the most.

Participate Online

We might not be out visiting with our neighbors and going to dinner parties yet, but that doesn’t mean the sense of community needs to disappear. Especially in these colder months when people are less likely to want to spend time outdoors, they can still participate in their communities online. The Facebook group #314Together, for example, is a great place to stay informed about what’s going on in St. Louis. It’s also more important than ever to share your positive feedback online. If you order something from a shop that you love or enjoy a great meal from a local restaurant, write about it online to spread the word.

Grab a Card

Finally, St. Louis residents really looking to embrace the idea of staying local can pick up a Keep it Local (virtual) Card where they’ll find discounts for a variety of local businesses. It’s another great way to support your local community, and you benefit from discounts at over 100 businesses. This also makes a great gift, so don’t be afraid to grab a few of these.


As homeowners know, St. Louis is an amazing city. How are you keeping things local this winter? Are you finding new ways to support your local community? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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