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How St. Louis Homeowners Can Get More Creative with Their Walls

Apr 27, 2021 | Industry News

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Maybe you have a few favorite paintings, photographs, or prints already adorning your walls, but you’re craving a bit more creativity. To really take your home’s style to the next level and add more interest to your spaces, thinking outside the box when it comes to your wall decor is a great place to get started. So, what are some things homeowners can do aside from the more traditional options? Here are a few ideas that might spark your inspiration:

Bring in a Bit of Texture

Textile wall hangings quickly add interest to the wall in the form of color, pattern, and most importantly, texture. Textiles are a great option because they come in so many different styles, there’s something to complement just about every space. Whether you go for something with a mid-century modern flair or a more minimalist aesthetic, a textile wall hanging is a fun option to switch things up a bit.

Add Some Life

Plants are another great choice for adding some interest to your walls. While you might already have a few plants spread around the room, how many are on the walls? Find a hanging planter or two that works with the style of your room and turn your plants into living artwork. Plants are great for their ability to instantly refresh a space, and hanging them on your walls can make them even more eye catching.

Install A Shelf

Floating shelves are a perfect option if you have some objects you’d like to incorporate as part of your design. Maybe you’ve collected a few small ceramic pieces that you’d like to display, or maybe you have some smaller framed prints you’d like to be able to easily swap in and out. Shelves give you so much versatility because once they’re installed, they’re so easy to change up whenever your room is in need of an update. Rather than having to rehang a painting, you can simply add some new objects and artwork and retire the ones that have been on display for a while.

Try Out Decals

Decals are an especially fun way to decorate the walls in kids’ rooms. They’re great because, in addition to making a bold statement, they’re usually quite easy to install and remove, with no damage to the walls. Let your kiddos have a bit of creative control and pick out a few decals to really make their bedroom walls pop.


How do you decorate your walls at home? Do you have any creative tips to share? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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