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How Des Moines Sellers Can Improve Their Listing Photos

Jan 11, 2021 | Industry News

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Listing photos have always been important, but now with buyers relying so heavily on online shopping to check out potential homes, sellers have to maximize the opportunity. If bringing in the professionals is in your budget, that’s great. But you don’t have to take on a major expense to get good quality photos. In fact, there are many things sellers can do in their homes to help their pictures stand out and get the attention they need. Let’s dive in:

Start With a Clean Slate

The best photos help viewers imagine themselves in the space. While it’s easier than ever for homeowners to snap some photos with their phones, that’s usually not the first step. Even if you’re not staging your home, you’ll likely still want to go around and do a big declutter and cleaning. The more you can remove from a room, the more spacious you can make it feel. Going for more minimal touches and taking out some of the personal can help make photos more appealing to potential buyers.

Brighten Things Up

Lighting is incredibly important in your photos. It’s best to take your photos in the daytime, especially if you have good natural light. Capturing a sun-drenched room is definitely a way to grab buyers’ attention. If your photos are looking a bit dark, play with the different lighting options in your room before jumping to a photo editor. Another great way to brighten a room is with a fresh coat of paint. Going for a crisp white or inviting neutral can be a good option that will appeal to most buyers.

Work Your Angles

If you’re not a professional photographer, it might take some time to get the perfect photos. But it’s worth the investment. Simply snapping a photo of your bedroom from the doorway isn’t necessarily going to be the most flattering angle for the room. Be open to experimenting here. You might need to stand on a chair, bend down to your knees, or wedge yourself into a corner to get the right angle.

Cover All the Details

With so many buyers feeling hesitant about heading to open houses, online browsing has become a way to shorten their lists. This has made online listings even more competitive. How do you catch their interest? Make your listing engaging. Allow viewers to really get a sense of your home as they scroll through the photos. Hone in on unique features, upgrades, and artistic details. These things help buyers feel like they’re walking through the space taking it all in.


Have you taken your own listing photos before? What did you learn in the process? What kind of listing photos catch your eye? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

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