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How Chicago Homeowners Can Use Paint to Give Their Home an Easy Upgrade

Jun 14, 2020 | Industry News

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Are you feeling like your Chicago home needs a makeover but don’t have the budget or the patience for a renovation? Why not give your space an upgrade with a coat of paint? Painting is an easy way to transform your home from drab to fab without breaking the bank. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


The Walls

While this may seem quite obvious, painting your walls automatically makes your space feel fresh, clean, and bright. Prior to choosing a color palette, think about the type of feel you’re going for in each space. For instance, if you want your kitchen to be bright and cheery, consider painting it a pale yellow or tangerine color. Do you want your living space to feel calm and Zen like? Look for shades on pale blue or light grey.  If you want the room to feel cozy, you may want to lean towards a darker and richer color. Each room can have a different feel, just be sure to stay in the same palette so that the colors flow from room to room.



Wood paneling is a design trend generously bestowed upon us from the 1970s. If you aren’t a fan of the nostalgia your paneling brings to you, go ahead and slap a coat of paint on it for an updated and country chic look. Since most wood paneling has a glossy finish, be sure to sand and prime the area first to ensure the paint adheres. If you really want a shabby chic feel, distress the area once you’ve painted.



Painting your exposed brick is a hot debate topic amongst designers – some feel it’s sacrilege and some swear by the finished project as a design game changer. It really just depends on your design aesthetic. The nice thing about painted brick is that it still provides visual interest with its rough surface. Painting a brick fireplace or a wall of exposed brick a different but complementary color to your walls can change the entire look and feel of your home.



Outdated kitchen cabinets can make your home feel dated and drab. But there’s no need to break the bank by ripping them out and installing new ones when just paint them. Painting your cabinets will take a bit more time and energy but the end result will bring your home into the year 2020. Most cabinets will have a factory finish or varnish on them, so they’ll need to be sanded. However, prior to doing that, you’ll need to remove all of the hardware and thoroughly clean them to remove any grease. It’s a good idea to label your cabinets as well so when the time comes to reinstall them, you’ll know where each one goes.






Many wouldn’t consider painting their floors but with all of the stencil options available these days, you can create a floor with paint that would otherwise cost you thousands of dollars. Now painting your floors is no small task, you’ll need to move all of the furniture out of the room for several days in order to let the paint dry completely. In addition, you’ll want to use a heavy duty, hardwearing paint that’s suitable. These types of paint do have strong fumes, so it’s best to be able to close off the room you’re painting so you don’t have to breathe them in. Lastly, don’t paint yourself into a corner, make an exit plan before you begin. If you’re fearful of painting your floors, perhaps start with a small room to try it out.



Updating your home with paint is an easy way to rejuvenate your house on a budget. Whether you’re going for a minimalist white or a plethora of color, your home will be transformed into a bright and fresh space.

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