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How Chicago Homeowners Can Transform their Children's Bedrooms

Nov 2, 2020 | Industry News

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Maybe you’ve just moved into a new home, or perhaps it just feels like time to give your child’s room an update. With many kids spending more time at home this year, their rooms are an important place for them to play, relax, and unwind. If you’re looking for some ways to transform the space without doing a major renovation, you’re in luck. Chicago homeowners have some great options to create a magical bedroom for their kids without breaking the bank. Here’s how:

Team Up

First things first, if this space is for your child, why not include them in the design process? It can be a fun activity for you to do together, and it can give them a sense of ownership and independence in their space. Of course, it will depend on your child’s age and their level of interest, but simply making sure they have a say can make for a better design process and end result.

Go Bold

Kids’ rooms are the perfect place to be bright, bold, and inspiring. Consider an accent wall in their favorite color, wall decals, or even a mural of a favorite scene or animal. This is where your collaboration efforts can really work to balance each other out. Your child can help you come up with the creativity for the space, and you can ensure that creativity translates to an inspiring but not overwhelming bedroom.

Create a Nook

You want to create a space that feels like a personal retreat - somewhere your child can go to relax, read, work on a project, or talk to a friend. Creating a hangout space within the room can do exactly that. Rather than just focusing on the bed, maximize an unused corner or extra closet to create an additional space just for them. Consider adding a chair or some floor cushions and perhaps a small rug to define the area.


Transforming doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy all new furniture. Especially in your child’s room, rearranging can often achieve the same effect. This is another fun area to let your child participate in. See if they have any ideas for a layout that they might enjoy, and don’t be afraid to test things out, bring in pieces from another room, and repurpose things you already have.

Make Organization Easy

How can you help your child maintain a space that feels enjoyable? Making it easy to organize and tidy up is key. Create storage systems together and make it easy to put things back where they belong. Letting your child lead the way in designing this can make them more likely to utilize the system down the line.


Do you have children spending more time at home lately? Do they enjoy spending time in their rooms? Would they have fun giving their room a makeover? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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