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How Can Chicago Sellers Make Their Listing Stand Out?

Dec 1, 2019 | Industry News

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If you’re considering selling your Chicago home, you also need to consider that you may be up against some really amazing properties. In this age of technology, the majority of potential buyers start their home search on the internet and as most real estate professionals will tell you, it’s incredibly important that you do as well. However, with the thousands of listings online, how do you make your home stand out and catch a buyer’s eye? Here are a few tips that will put your house in the running.


The Importance of Staging

When looking at a home, whether it be online or in person, a buyer wants to be able to picture themselves living there. Staging your property allows them to do so. Remove the clutter and personal items from your home, give it a good clean, and maximize the lighting. An empty home tends to look sterile and uninviting, while a cluttered home tends to look dirty and small. A staged home highlights the homes possibilities and is certain to make it stand out.


Professional Photos

These days our cellphones have top-of-the-line cameras, however, real estate photos are not just about focusing and clicking a button. A professional photographer will know how to utilize the light in the space, what angles will make the room look larger, and will highlight the details of the home that will attract a buyer. You shouldn’t just hire any photographer – make sure to find someone who specializes in real estate.


Listing Descriptions

Just as photos are incredibly important to an online listing, your detailed description of the home is equally important. You don’t need to limit the property description, so describe the features of the home, like types of appliances, special features such as rain showers or Jacuzzi tubs, wine refrigerators, or warming drawers. You don’t want to bore people either, so stick to the selling features that other homes may not have. Kitchens, living areas, and master bedrooms are the three areas of the home that are the most important to homebuyers, so especially make sure you have accurate descriptions of them.


Include Keywords

Anyone shopping online these days types in keywords to find what they need, so it’s important to use keywords when composing your listing. Typical keywords for real estate would be words such as gourmet kitchen, stainless steel appliances, outdoor BBQ, or hardwood floors. In addition to these, you should add some descriptive keywords such as spacious, renovated, or stunning. When perusing through thousands of listings, typically a person will filter through to find what they are looking for, and using these keywords will make sure your listing makes the filter cut.


Making sure your home stands out among the crowd is important. The amount of online listings can become overwhelming to buyers, so it’s important that you distinguish your home from the others to pique their interest and get them in the door. What are the best features of your home and how do you highlight them?

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