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Home Office Organization Tips for Chicago Homeowners

Nov 16, 2020 | Industry News

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If you’re still working from home, whether it’s full time or just a couple of days a week, ensuring that your office set up supports productivity is key. One of the most important elements here is organization. The way you organize your home office sets the foundation for how well you’re able to work in it. So, what are some things Chicago homeowners can do to organize for success? Let’s take a look:

Embrace a Minimalist Aesthetic

A minimalist aesthetic is perfect for keeping a space organized. It’s about clean surfaces, no clutter, and little distraction. Keeping this in mind when thinking about how you can bring more organization to your space can be really useful. Rather than putting several bins on your desk to hold different things, assess what you actually need within reach and leave it at that. Things you don’t need throughout the day can be stored elsewhere to keep your desk space feeling neat and clean.

Make it Easy

This is one of the most important things for any organization project - it needs to be user friendly. Getting overly specific with where things need to go or overlooking the things you use on a regular basis can make you less likely to stick with the systems you put in place. Step back and look at your daily workflow and use that as a guide for what kind of organization you need.

Combine Design and Function

Especially if your office also functions as your kitchen or living room, you’ve probably already had to consider how to make a space that is practical but that doesn’t change the feeling of the rest of the room. Even if you have a separate office room in your home, finding pieces that you enjoy the design of that also have an organizational purpose is a great way to fill the space with useful items instead of clutter.

Declutter Daily

Speaking of clutter, a great way homeowners can maintain an organized home office is to get in the habit of decluttering their desk daily. Taking just five minutes when you finish up work to put things back where they belong and clear off your work surface can help you stay on top of your things and prevent disorganization from taking over.

How do you stay organized in your home office? Do you have any tips you’d recommend? Please share your thoughts!

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