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Getting Your Chicago Home Market Ready

Feb 15, 2021 | Industry News

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If you’re in a hurry to sell your Chicago home, there are some important areas to focus on that can help you catch buyers’ attention. 2020 was a year of uncertainty, and 2021 hasn’t offered any immediate fix-all solutions. This means that, although we’re all looking forward to more “normal” times, many of us are still focused on what we need now. This is especially true of homebuyers. Whether you’re looking to make a few DIY updates, invest in a bit of staging, or undertake some larger renovation, here are a few areas you might consider if you’re hoping to sell your Chicago home soon:

Home Office

No surprise here. A home office has certainly moved up the list of buyers’ lists of wants. If you already have a designated home office, ensure that it’s tidy, bright, and inviting. If you don’t, getting creative could give your home an edge. Perhaps you turn a bedroom into a partial office, showing how it could function as both a guest room and home office in one. If you’re really limited on space, perhaps you clearly designate a section of your living room. Maybe you repurpose your dining room. Of course, it will depend on the house. This likely won’t require any major renovations. It’s more about highlighting the potential for a great home office to help buyers see the opportunity.

Outdoor Space

With outdoor gatherings becoming the go-to way to see a friend or two, patios, decks, and other outdoor areas are also a big plus for many prospective buyers. Sprucing up the space that you do have or putting in some work to create one could make your home more appealing. Again, this doesn’t mean investing thousands of dollars in a brand new patio. Work with what you have. A few pieces of outdoor furniture in the backyard can make for a great outdoor space when done right. Add some colorful cushions, twinkle lights, or a firepit to really pull it together.

Multi-Functional Family Space

Spending more time at home means that families need their homes to be multi-functional. They need dining areas that function as homeschool stations. They need living rooms that function as yoga studios. They need backyards that function as a getaway. You get the idea. Showcasing the potential of your home to be adaptable is great. Keeping things neat and free of clutter is a good first step. And staging in a way that demonstrates multiple possibilities can help potential buyers to imagine all their options.

Updated Kitchens

With more people opting to cook in, kitchens are another area many potential buyers will be focusing on. If you are planning to invest in upgrades, kitchen appliances may be something you consider. If you’re looking for more DIY on-a-budget fixes, making your kitchen feel as spacious as possible can really help. Clear off counters, organize your pantry and cupboards, or maybe even add some shelving to take advantage of the vertical space. Even if you have a small kitchen, highlighting its practicality is key.


Selling your home in 2021 isn’t actually all that different from selling it at any other time. These updates and tips aren’t just beneficial for the next few months. These are things homeowners might consider no matter when they’re selling their home. It’s just that right now, they may rank higher on your list of where to focus your energy. What do you think? What are the most important areas of a home for homebuyers right now? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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