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Feng Shui Basics for Your Chicago Home

Oct 5, 2020 | Industry News

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Put simply, feng shui is the ancient idea that how you set up your home impacts how energy flows. Whether or not the energy aspect appeals to you, feng shui principles date back thousands of years and can help Chicago homeowners arrange their homes for maximum comfort and ease. Spaces designed with feng shui principles in mind often feel more calming and peaceful, and who couldn’t use a bit more of that in their life these days? If you want to give your home some feng-shui-inspired updates, here are some tips to get started:

Consider The Front Door

The entrance to your home is significant in feng shui. It’s a portal to your home where positive energy can flow in. Doors should be able to open at least 90 degrees with no obstructions getting in the way. And they should also function properly. Taking care of any creaks or stubborn locks is important. The path to your front door should be clear, and your entryway should be bright and inviting.

Add Some Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to update a room. While some ascribe an energetic purpose to them, regardless of what you believe, they’re a great way to brighten a space and make it look a bit larger. The way mirrors reflect light and color can really transform the feeling of a space. Find the shapes, sizes, and frames that complement the style you already have in your home.

Adjust Your Chair

Furniture placement is a central aspect of feng shui. If you’re working from home these days, you may want to consider where you’re sitting. Are you facing a door? Do you have your back to one? Ideally, you’d want your desk far from the door and not in line with it. And when you’re sitting down, you don’t want to have your back to the door. Following these guidelines puts you in a more commanding position in the space which is perfect for getting work done.

Allow for Natural Light

Homeowners should allow in as much natural light as possible. Perhaps you ditch your heavier curtains for something sheer that you can pull to the side. Maybe you give your windows a good cleaning and trim any trees or bushes that may be blocking your light. Letting that sunlight into your home can make it feel fresh, clean, and inviting.

Check Your Path

Think about the way you normally move through your home. Do you navigate any obstacles? Are you often stubbing a toe or bumping a knee? You want your paths to be open so that energy (and you) can move easily in the space. Again, regardless of what you believe, opening up your space and ensuring it’s set up with your needs in mind is an important way for homeowners to make their homes meet their needs.

Ditch Clutter

Feng shui and clutter do not go together. If you want to improve the vibe in your space, removing clutter is essential. Don’t just hide it away though. Take the time to thoroughly declutter and save only the things you need, use, and love.


Have you thought about incorporating some feng shui principles in your home? Do you notice a difference in the way you feel when things are arranged a certain way? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

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