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End-of-Summer Maintenance For Your St. Louis Property

Aug 22, 2019 | Industry News

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Summer is coming to an end and fall and winter are right around the corner. The changing of the seasons also means that they are several seasonal home preparations to ensure your home is ready for that St. Louis chill. With just a few helpful tips, you’ll be ready to start up the fire and enjoy the holidays.


Time to Paint

The end of summer is the perfect time to add some color to the walls, so pick out the new color of paint you want and grab a roller. Sprucing up the interior when you might have a breeze coming through helps to ensure proper ventilation as well as a quick dry time while you’re painting. A fresh coat will liven up the color before the winter comes.


Check the Heat Flow

While it’s a messy job, cleaning your vents is a must. Check your air vents, dryer vents, baseboard heating vents, and your exterior HVAC unit for any dust build up. Make sure they’re all clear so you won’t have any air flow blockage. Having your HVAC unit inspected and serviced to change any filters that are dirty will save you time and money in case it stops working in the middle of winter. After everything is fixed, run the heat to ensure it’s all in working order.


Prepare the Fireplace

Fall is the perfect time to start a nice fire as long as the fireplace is functioning correctly. Now is the time to inspect the fireplace, flue, and chimney to clean out any debris that may block the airflow. Clear out any remaining ash and soot and you should be ready to stack your logs. If you have a gas or electric fireplace, have them inspected and replace any parts necessary.


Check the Deck

Rain and snow can wreak havoc on a wood deck or patio. It’s a good idea to clean the area thoroughly and inspect it for any damage or wood rot. Replace faulty boards, fill in gaps and holes with wood putty, and give it a new coat of paint or weather sealer to make sure it’s ready for the upcoming cold months.


Clean the Gutters

Throughout the summer, gutters can get clogged with leaves, twigs, and other debris, so now is the time to get them cleaned out. Regular cleaning of your gutters is necessary to avoid water damage to your roof or the interior and exterior of your home. Once they’re cleared, use the hose to check your water flow and to determine where the water is running off to. Excess water puddling near your home can cause foundation issues, so dig any necessary trenches to direct the water where you need it to go.


Check your Windows and Doors for Drafts

Open your windows throughout the home and take a look to see if any caulking needs to be replaced around the window frame. Check the weather stripping on your doors to make sure it’s all still working and that there aren’t drafts coming in. Small drafts can cause large heating bills in the winter, so make sure everything is sealed.



Before you can enjoy all the great things about fall and winter, making sure your house is up-to-date on its maintenance is a must. Doing these end-of-summer home preparations will surely make you ready for the chilly months ahead. Do you have any other maintenance tips? We would love to know.

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