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DIY Tips to Help Sell Your St. Louis Home Faster

Jun 21, 2019 | Industry News

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For St. Louis sellers who want to accelerate their home sale without investing thousands of dollars, there’s great news for you. There are countless low-cost, do-it-yourself projects and tasks that can quickly improve your property for prospective buyers. Whether you have just a few hours to spare, or you’re ready to put in a few days of work, there are things all sellers can do to give their home a boost. Here are some of the best DIY tips:

Think Like a Buyer

This tip is really about shifting your mindset. It might seem simple, but it can have a significant impact on the way you prepare your home. The next time you’re outside, take a look at your home as if you’re a prospective buyer. While you might know that your family is inside or your place to relax awaits, from the outside, a prospective buyer is only seeing the outside. Is it inviting? Is it polished? The same goes for inside. Try to separate from the space a bit and look at it objectively. You might have gotten used to a small stain in the carpet or chip in the paint, but when you look as if you were a buyer, you’ll be motivated to give these little things the attention they need.

Highlight Functionality

Maybe you never use your dining room. Instead of leaving it looking like an unlived-in space, show off it’s potential. Set the table, bring in some fresh flowers, and show what the space can be. The same goes for spare bedrooms. Maybe they’ve become more of a storage space than a functioning room. Use what you have to set them up as an additional bedroom or a tidy office. Regardless of how you use the different spaces in your home, you want to make their functionality clear to prospective buyers who are trying to envision themselves in the space.

Make it Light

For such a simple tip, this can have a large impact. Give your windows a good cleaning, open up curtains and blinds, and move anything that may be blocking a window. Natural light is the best source of light, so you want to bring in as much of it as you can. If your space still needs some additional illumination, go for softer bulbs that mimic natural light. A few well-placed lamps can help brighten up a room that doesn’t get a lot of sun.

Bring in Some Green

Plants instantly add a bit of life to a room. Whether you have some house plants you can display in different rooms, or you arrange some fresh cut flowers on a table or counter, including plants and flowers in your space can make it more inviting to potential buyers.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

You don’t need to repaint every wall white. This can be cold and leave prospective buyers envisioning a large painting project before they can move in. But giving rooms a neutral coat of paint can really freshen them up. It can help make them brighter and more welcoming. It can also help make them more of a blank canvas for prospective buyers, without making them feel like a project.

Make it Sparkling Clean

There’s no doubt that a clean space is the most appealing. Buyers want to envision themselves in the space, and doing that with other peoples’ clutter or dust can be a challenge. Make it easy for prospective buyers to feel at home and give your space a deep clean. This will have it smelling and looking fresh for prospective buyers.


Getting your home ready for a sale doesn’t have to be an expensive process. There’s so much you can do on your own for little to no money that can quickly boost your chances of a speedy sale. Do you have any other DIY tips for sellers? Share them in the comments.

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