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Creating the Perfect Guest Bedroom in Your Chicago Home

Aug 16, 2021 | Industry News

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Maybe one of your children moved out on their own, or you bought a home with an extra bedroom—whatever the case—having a room for guests is a great perk for homeowners. The way you use the room will largely depend on how often you have guests actually staying in it. But leaving aside how often you have visitors, there are a few things all homeowners can do to maximize an additional room in their home. Here are a few ideas to consider:


Begin by deciding on the purpose of the room. Do you often have out-of-town guests that stay the night? Will the room have a dual function as an office? Will it be used for additional storage space? There are many benefits to having multi-functional rooms, but they can be challenging when you haven’t planned ahead. Be clear on your goals for the room so that you can design it appropriately.


This may seem completely obvious, but many homeowners spend time (and money) designing a guest bedroom, only to have overnight guests once a year. This is where being clear on function is crucial. If the goal is to maximize all the space in your house, don’t overlook your guest room as a utilizable space. Adding storage systems in the closet or under the bed, for example, is a terrific way to take advantage of the extra space without taking away from the comfort of your guests.

Avoid Clutter

Obviously, when you do have a guest stay the night, you want them to be comfortable in their space. Getting rid of clutter is a terrific way to make your guest room more appealing. As we discussed above, using the space for storage is great— but it’s best if that storage is kept out of view. It’s also a nice touch to keep some surfaces clear so your guests have a place to put their things and spread out a bit.

Keep Comfort in Mind

Overall, you want your guest room to feel inviting. Outfitting the room with an armchair or desk can increase your guests’ comfort. Adding a mirror is a great addition because it allows your guests to get ready in the morning before heading out into your home. An extra blanket at the foot of the bed makes it easy for them to grab another layer if they need it. Even something simple like choosing soft, warm lighting over bright white lighting can give the room additional charm. Every little detail goes a long way to making your guests feel at home.


If you have any additional questions on creating the perfect guest room, please reach out. I’d be happy to help.

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