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Creating a Workout Space in Your Des Moines Home

Aug 9, 2021 | Industry News

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Are you spending too much of your at-home time sitting on the couch and watching TV? Relaxation is necessary for mind and body, but so is exercise and movement. Ideally, you would have a healthy blend of both. Gym memberships can be expensive and the drive time to and from can be de-motivating. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend money on a gym. Here are some ideas to create a workout space in your Des Moines home and help you build a healthier and more active lifestyle:


Find the Right Location

The space you’ll require is entirely dependent on the equipment you have or plan to purchase. You might need a spare room, a portion of the attic, garage, or basement, or maybe just a corner in your bedroom. The minimum requirement is probably an area of about eight feet by six feet to allow you enough space to move around and exercise. Whatever location you choose should be easily accessible and should have good light. You’re much more likely to use the space if it’s welcoming and not hidden. If you choose to set up in a multifunctional space (like the corner of your living room or bedroom) you should consider storage options to house your smaller workout equipment and avoid clutter.


Decide On Your Workout Routine

Your workout area shouldn’t be jammed full of equipment you may never use, so before you get started, decide on your workout routine. A treadmill, for instance, will take up a large majority of your space. But, you can get the same cardio effect from calisthenics or jumping rope. Rather than a workout bench, consider dumbbells if that’s a suitable option. In the case of yoga, resistance band workouts and pilates, all you need is a mat (and maybe space for some rubber bands and a laptop). Deciding on your exercise routine ahead of time helps you know exactly what equipment and accessories you’ll really need. 


Add a Mirror

It’s less a vanity thing and more about seeing your movements and working to improve them. Additionally, a mirror will make your space seem bigger and brighter.



Exercise mats are important if have hardwood or tile flooring—they’ll protect your floors, but more importantly, protect your body. Tile, wood, and concrete don’t absorb the impact of running, jumping, or dancing, so the energy exerted reverberates into your body increasing the likelihood of injuries like shin splints or sprains. Use interlocking matted flooring or a yoga mat when doing high-impact exercises.


A home workout area doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and it doesn’t require a great deal of square footage. These tips you can help you create the perfect space to get into shape and get off the couch.

If you have any questions about any of these ideas, or you need any mortgage help, please reach out. I’d be happy to help.

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