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Considering a Home with a Pool in St. Louis

Jul 13, 2019 | Industry News

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With the hot weather upon us, prospective St. Louis homebuyers may be eager to purchase a home with a pool. Having a backyard oasis where you can cool off may be enticing, but it’s not for everyone. While some owners love taking a dip in their backyard, others end up resenting the maintenance that a pool requires. If you’ve found a home with a pool you love, here are a few things to consider before taking the plunge:

Consider Your Lifestyle

Do you enjoy spending time at home in the summer, or are you regularly on the go? If you’ll hardly get any use out of your pool, it may not be worth the work to keep it clean and safe. But if you are someone who spends time in their backyard, having a pool can come with some real social and health benefits. If you like entertaining, having friends over to swim on the weekends or after work makes for an easy get-together. And if you don’t feel like heading to the gym, you can hop in the pool for a few laps.


Having a pool requires some work, and it’s worth considering this before buying a home with one. Do you have time to maintain your pool? Are you willing to pay the costs associated with it? Pools need to be well kept or they can start posing problems for homeowners. If you’re prepared to do the work, it can be a great trade off for the backyard swimming. If you already have enough on your plate, you may be better off finding a different place to cool off in the summer.

Kids and Safety

This is another real concern for pool owners. Do you have children or plan to have children? Do you entertain friends who often bring their kids over? A pool can be a great place for kids to learn to swim and play with friends in the summer, but it definitely adds an additional level of responsibility for homeowners. A safety fence around the pool and gates that lock can help ensure no kids get into the pool without an adult present.

Outdoor Storage Space

There needs to be a place to store the equipment that goes along with having a pool. Often a small shed will do the trick. If you have a lot of other things you like to store outside, you may not way to sacrifice the storage to pool gear.

Utilities and Insurance

You can expect a larger electric bill if you buy a home with a pool. A pump is necessary for filtration, and you’ll notice the cost in your electric bill. Again, if you’re getting use of our your pool, this might be worth the investment. If you rarely have time to enjoy it, it might feel like wasted money. Homeowners will also want to look into the insurance costs of owning a pool, as this can be an additional payment to factor into their budget.


Before diving into a home with a pool, it’s worth taking some time to consider if it’s right for you. You want to ensure that your use and enjoyment balance out with the costs and maintenance. You also want to be sure you’re prepared for the additional responsibility. Any homeowners with pools out there? What would you tell someone considering a home with a pool?

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