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Chicago Neighborhood Spotlight: Printers Row

Apr 1, 2019 | Industry News

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When you’ve decided to purchase a home in Chicago, it’s often smart to narrow your search down to a few specific neighborhoods. This can make the process of house hunting a bit easier, and it can also help you land in a place that really fits your needs. With so many great neighborhoods to choose from, buyers have many options. This week we wanted to highlight one of these top choices, Printers Row:

Location, Location, Location

For many of today’s buyers who want to be close to downtown but outside of the urban hustle and bustle, Printers Row is a prime spot. In walking distance to the heart of the city, this residential neighborhood is a tranquil pocket of its own.

Rich History

This neighborhood’s beautiful brick buildings hint at its past. In the 1880s, Printers Row was the center of the publishing industry and home to many to publishers. Though almost all of the publishers have since left this neighborhood, their time here shaped the aesthetics and culture we see today. The stunning buildings keep this area connected to its history, and book lovers still rejoice in the annual Lit Fest.


Speaking of book lovers, Printers Row has one of the best bookstores in the city. Sandmeyer’s Bookstore is a key fixture of this neighborhood. With friendly owners and real community feel, places like this really give Printers Row its unique character.


Printers Row is full of great dining options. From traditional comfort food and tacos to tapas and craft cocktails, you won’t have to leave the neighborhood to find just what you’re looking for. Check out Flaco’s Tacos, Hax, Sofi Restaurant, and for dessert, Gordo’s



Since 1947, Jazz Showcase has brought top-quality Jazz to Chicago, and for residents of the Printers Row and South Loop neighborhoods, it’s right in their backyards. Though the neighborhood has a relaxed feel, it still has some cultural gems that a larger city would offer. On a warm summer evening, you can grab a bite and stroll over to Jazz Showcase to end your night with some fantastic tunes. When you live in Printers Row, you can get home by a leisurely stroll instead of needing to commute.


A great tip for prospective buyers is to get out and explore some different neighborhoods in the city they want to call home. Whether you’ve lived in Chicago for years or are newer to the scene, exploring a neighborhood on foot can help you find those hidden gems that reveal its true character.

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