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Add Some Vintage Touches to Your St. Louis Home

Oct 5, 2021 | Industry News

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Maybe you have an older home and want to highlight some of the features, or even if you just appreciate a retro vibe — whatever the case, adding some vintage elegance to your St. Louis home can be an exciting design choice for homeowners. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to give your home a vintage aesthetic. Here are a few tips if you’re ready to get started:


This is a fun and inexpensive way to boost the vintage character of your home. Doorknobs can help convey a more antique feel, however subtle it may be. You’ll find hundreds of options online or you can visit some local shops and flea markets to find unique designs with some earned patina. They can be polished and renewed, or you can leave them a little weathered, depending on what you’re going for.

Record Players

Record players, especially the big cabinet models that sit on the floor, evoke the image of the entire family gathered around listening to albums or the radio. Record players also have a distinct advantage over a smart speaker, as they can double as furniture or a piece of art. You can seek out an actual vintage model or choose a modern version in the same style. Making this a focal point in your living room will give the room that from-another-era look. And since records are popular again, you can even listen to some of your new favorites on vinyl.

Frames and Mirrors

Another subtle addition could be adding older frames or mirrors. Finding detailed frames, with maybe just a little wear, will really work to tie a room together. Even if you choose to frame modern art, the contrast between the two almost always works.

Mix it Up

As I already mentioned, mixing vintage and modern works well. Including vintage components doesn’t mean you need to change your entire design. In fact, too much vintage might make it feel themed. Unless you want your living room to feel like you’ve gone back in time fifty years, adding unique pieces, bit by bit, until you achieve the perfect balance is a good strategy.

Add Color

Color is a terrific way to bridge your vintage items with your current style. By keeping a clean color palette and adding vintage pieces that pair well with your current colors, you can easily unify the two styles. You can go either way with this — some bold colors work great, while staying with neutral colors will also tie the vintage and modern styles together nicely.


Vintage charm can really elevate the design and feel of your home, and with a little bit of legwork, you can find what works best for you.


If you’d like some tips on local shops and markets, or if there’s another issue I can be of assistance with, please reach out. I’m always happy to help.

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