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Add Some Affordable Handmade Art to Your Chicago Home

Aug 3, 2021 | Industry News

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As we all know, Chicago is full of great art. Bringing it into your home to enjoy every day is affordable and can add a new spark to your living spaces. Handmade items, especially from local artists, are a great way to give your Chicago home a simple upgrade. Take a moment to check out some of the local artists producing handmade art that we like:

Need a New Favorite Mug?

Handmade ceramics in your kitchen are both decorative and functional. If you have a place to display these pieces in the open, a simple mug can also serve as artwork for your kitchen. And it doesn’t have to stop with mugs. Stocking up on handmade pottery you love is a great way to bring art into your kitchen. There are many potters in and around Chicago. Check out Lillstreet Shop and Gallery to get started!

What About Your Walls?

Being familiar with the artist can make art more meaningful. Adding some local works to decorate the walls in your home is the perfect opportunity to support local artists while also giving your interior design style a boost. If you’re looking for a unique wall hanging to make a statement, check out Sacred Art.

Don’t Forget the Bathroom

While it might not be the most design-inspired room in the house, don’t overlook the bathroom when it comes to adding some handmade art. While there are certainly some great options from wall hangings to bathroom textiles, one of our favorite recommendations is Abbey Brown. Check them out to give your bathroom a real upgrade.

Cozy Up the Place with Textiles

With Fall not far off, bringing some cozy vibes to the living room is often a top design goal and textiles are the perfect way for homeowners to add instant warmth. Maybe you grab a few new throw pillows to spruce up your couch or add a soft blanket over the back of your favorite chair. If you’re in the market for some locally made goods, Alta Textiles has some beautiful products from local artists.


Bringing in more handmade art not only allows you to incorporate personal, creative pieces into your home, but it also allows you to support local artisans. It’s a double win, and Chicago is a great area for beautiful handmade items.


If you need any additional information on local artists making handmade goods, please reach out. I’d be happy to talk.

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