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A Touch of Vintage for Your Chicago Home

Feb 9, 2021 | Industry News

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Maybe you’re wanting to highlight some of the charming features of an older Chicago home, or perhaps you simply enjoy the retro aesthetic. Whatever the case, adding some vintage flare to your Chicago home can be a fun design option for Chicago homeowners. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to give your home that nod to the past. Here are a few ideas for homeowners ready for some vintage DIY:

Old Knobs

This can be a fun way to add a bit of vintage character to your home. Though subtle, door knobs can help to convey that more antique feel. Search online or at vintage markets to find unique designs with just a bit of tarnish. You can polish them up or leave them looking a bit weathered if you’re really going for vintage.

Play Some Tunes

A record player is another great vintage addition for homeowners. This music player is great because unlike a smart speaker, it can double function as a piece of art. Homeowners can scout out an actual vintage player or opt for a newer one in that same style. Incorporating this as a focal point in your living room can give the room that touch from the past. And since records are making a bit of a comeback, you can even listen to some of your favorite new albums on vinyl.

Mirrors and Frames

Adding older mirrors and frames is another way to add a touch of vintage flare without going overboard. Looking for detailed frames perhaps with just a bit of wear is a great way to tie a room together. Even if the pieces of art you frame are more modern, the play between the two can be a fun contrast.

Mix and Match

As I mentioned above, mixing vintage and modern is a great option. Most homeowners don’t want their homes to look themed. They don’t want their living rooms to feel like you’ve been transported back sixty years in a time machine. Including a bit of vintage doesn’t mean you need to change your entire design. Instead, slowly incorporating some unique, detailed finds until you reach the right balance can help homeowners achieve the perfect result.

Utilize Colors

Color can be a great way to tie those vintage items in with your current style. By keeping a clean color pallet and bringing in vintage things that work with your current colors, you can unite the two styles. Homeowners can go either way with this. Choosing a few bold colors works great, and sticking to a more neutral colors pallet can also tie the vintage and modern together nicely.


Do you have any vintage details in your Chicago home? How do you make them fit with the rest of your decor? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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