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2020's Top Design Trends to Consider for Your St. Louis Home

Feb 18, 2020 | Industry News

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We’ve entered into 2020: twenty years ago, films and novels depicted us living in a futuristic society with flying cars and floating apartments complete with robotic staff. We aren’t quite there yet, but the design trends for this new decade are anything but traditional and old fashioned.  Instead, interior design is shifting and focusing on the individuality of the home and its owner.  Design trends for 2020 are bold and creative and encourage people to design solely for themselves and their needs. Here are a few trends to consider for your St. Louis home.


Bold Color

Ditch the grey or beige and choose bold colors, eclectic patterns, and lush fabrics that complement one another. Have fun with your color choices and your design – for example, you could create a room in a monochromatic design but use a bold color to do so, such as royal blue or salmon. Or, you could choose a wall color for a room and add a whimsical wallpaper to the ceiling. Utilize patterns and fabrics to add depth, color, and personality to your space. The patterns don’t necessarily have to match either, so layer different patterns together for a unique and eclectic design.


Mix Past and Present

There’s no design law that states that all of your furnishing choices have to be from the same era. Feel free to layer your space with a modern couch and an antique armoire, or combine modern art with an old wood carving, a funky ottoman, and an old-fashioned armchair. Your space should tell your story, complete with souvenirs from your travels, photos of loved ones, and your favorite books. You aren’t looking for perfection: no one wants to lounge and chat when they feel like they’re in a museum.


A Touch of Nature

Using sustainable material for an eco-friendly design will continue to be on trend for 2020, but materials such as granite and tile are on their way out. Kitchen designs will be using marble, quartz, concrete, or wood when choosing a material for countertops. Bamboo is extremely durable and beautiful and is the material of choice for flooring. A touch of nature in your home adds warmth, so try to incorporate houseplants here and there as well as other natural materials such as grass cloth. There are also many “natural” artists who focus on natural handmade pieces which are one of a kind and would be a nice addition to your space. And lastly, rattan and wicker is making a comeback in 2020, whether it be used in tables, chairs, or light fixtures – it adds a touch of nature and perfectly balances a traditional and modern style.


Multifunctional Pieces

In this new decade, people are tending to steer away from excess and are resolving to live simpler and healthier lives. Those that once lived in a 4,000 sq. foot space are downsizing into a space that is smaller and requires less maintenance and money. With that said, when you’re downsizing, it’s important to make the most of the space that you do have, hence the trend of creating multifunctional living areas. In a smaller home, you’ll need to get creative and use the space you have for a variety of functions. Why not convert a closet into an office space? Why not ditch the formal dining table and add a built-in table off of the kitchen? Create a dressing room in your walk in closet, use part of the space in the garage for your home gym, or create a craft area in your family room. Multifunctional spaces guarantee every square foot of your home will be utilized. 


It may seem like an oxymoron to say that the newest trend is individuality, but in essence that’s where interior design is headed. Steer away from what you think the masses want to see and design your home to your personality with pieces that are as individual as you.

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